Sad Day in Houston Texas!

So , I figured I was pregnant since I was having implantation bleeding ; which is really really light pink spotting . It didn't even last an entire 24 hours ; it stopped by morning . Then today , in class , I felt really moist down there , went to the bathroom and my panties were full of dark blood and a couple clots (TMI?) ... That was earlier this morning , it has now. Ever since last night I've been having a massive headache that calms down for a few minutes after I eat , then comes back . I have a little tingle in my lower back but nothing severe. With a side of stomach cramps , and insomnia ... Like , my body feels tired , but I can't sleep at night &' no, AF isn't due until mid November ; so I Don't Know what this is .. What ever this is : it sucks !!! Anyone else having any/if not all of these problems?