From A Teen Mom to Another πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ πŸ’™

Taylor Paige β€’ 20 // mommy to a sweet baby boy 06.04.19 πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ // engagedπŸ’

On june 4th, 2019, my whole entire world flipped upside down. On june fourth 2019, I got to kiss the little fingers of a miracle I had been waiting to arrive for the last nine months. For the last nine months I yearned for your welcoming and sat on the floor of your nursery looking at the little clothes you have already worn and out grown. From the moment I had seen those first two lines I've changed as a person, Bentley Marcus. You have changed me from a child to a mother. You changed me from being the most selfish person to walk this earth, to the most selfless person ever. And now, you smile at absolutely everyone that comes into contact with you, your giggles could change my whole mood, I swear. You are so beyond special. You see, when I welcomed your 7 pound self into this crazy world, I was seventeen years old. Your due date was a few days after my eighteenth birthday, but you had other plans. Although I was just seventeen, I promise you I was waiting just as impatiently as all the other mamas. Just because I was seventeen, I was just as deserving of your little body as any other mama. You have changed me. I've never been so sure about anything, or anyone, in my whole entire life. But you, Bentley, you were my saving grace. You're seven months old, we've been breastfeeding this whole time with the occasional bottle to fulfill your never ending pitt of hunger. You've slept with me ever since birth, you've taken all your baths with me, spent every breath with me. And, although the other girls on my snapchat are living the heck out of their lives, i'm living my best life, too. Thank you for showing me the meaning of life. Gods given me a different path than most, but I guess i'm just blessed πŸ’™ You changed me for the best. I don't care how old I was when I had you, or how old I will be when you're five. Thank you for letting be your mama