Anyone see a face?

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Had our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday and everything went great! Doctor said baby girl looked fantastic had no abnormalities and is weighing at 13oz. We got a bunch of pics to take home too. Some of my coworkers asked how our scan went when I was at work today and I was showing them pics of the ultrasound pics that I had taken on my phone. One is a picture of her “waving” her hand, hence why it’s blurry. However, almost every one of my coworkers who saw the pic said something like “Aww look you can see her face” or “Wow that’s a good shot of her face” but honestly I’m not convinced. There are two spots that could technically be a “face”. Most people thought the area in red was her face, but the area circled in blue I’m pretty certain is just a shadow but still looks creepy lol. What do you guys think?

For reference, this is a pic that we know is of her face (she didn’t wanna turn to show her face basically the whole time, so when she finally did turn so we could see it, it looks slightly creepy lol)