Ladies, let's face it, we are not all perfect nor can we ignore the fact that we do not make perfect choices. Asking silly questions on this app is a given, it is how we choose to answer those questions that defines us as women. 
​Being on this ttc journey for way longer than I'd care to admit has its ups and downs. In the beginning I couldn't possibly imagine anything being wrong reproductively with myself or the show. After two years we finally came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't meant to be. After continuous dr appointments we finally agreed to fight this battle alone and see what was to come. Now another two years has gone by and we are still ttc #1. 
​After all of these years I have learned how to temp and chart, use OPKS, but it did take time to learn these tricks. I haven't always been as positive as I am today about the whole situation but it is beginning to become easier. That is until I read negative remarks and posts that target people for asking stupid questions or have ttc for one month before failing or succeeding in getting pregnant. I used to be like that, superficial and judgmental, but that was before I realizes that it was my own jealousy of not being able to obtain the BFP I was so hoping for. So ladies, just be positive. Whether it be to the mom ttc #4 after one month or the woman ttc #1  after 4 years, we all need to stick together if not for each other, but for ourselves. Wishing everyone succesful bd'ing and baby dust to all!