Age gap in kids (6 years)

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I wanna know, mommas of a 5+ year age gap in your kids, how does your age gap work for you? Do you like it/love it? Hate it? My daughter will be 6 on March 27th & I’m due April 27th with another babygirl. I never thought I’d have another due to the complications I had my first pregnancy. Well anywho, my daughter is OVER THE MOON EXCITED! She asks about the baby ALL THE TIME, wants to see my apps and know how big she is. Constantly hugs my belly, rubs it, talks to it, etc. We got her a babydoll so she can be involved in caring for baby with me (mimicking what I do) while I do stuff on the newborn that she can’t just yet. But she also practices with her “baby sister” doll, while she’s still in the belly. And I’m hoping this excitement stays around for a while. So, I wanna know how your age gap works for you? I know it can’t change anything, that’s gonna be their gap forever lol. I’m just curious, do your older kids seem to really love their littles with an age gap that big or do they still constantly fight like kids around the same age do? My sister and I are only 14 months apart so we constantly fought and I like “hated” her growing up cause she was constantly tryna do everything I did. But my brother and I who are 6 years apart, always had a really good relationship! So any advice, suggestions, information in the transition from 1 to 2 kids would be great, and how to handle 2 totally different ages and keep her involved and excited would be appreciated! Thanks so much you guys!