Night sweats


So for the last maybe 2 weeks that I have gone to bed my husband will wake me up because I have sweat so much we have to change the sheets and I have to take a shower. It’s not a small amount it’s literal buckets and it’s my entire body from my forehead to my feet. It’s crazy. My hair clothes and bed will be soaked every time and it’s so frustrating. I’m to young to be going through  menopause (only 22) and I can’t find a legit answer online on how to fix the problem or why it’s even happening. Normally my hands and feet sweat like crazy and recently my underlip. I’ve had this issue sense I was a kid but it’s like it’s getting worse. If anyone else has been through this or has any idea of what’s going on I’d truly appreciate it cause showering at 2 am when I have to be at work at 5 am is not okay anymore 😭 please help