Medroxyprogesterone | TTC


i was diagnosed with pcos in September of 2019. I was prescribed Medroxyprogesterone 10 MG in December 2019 for 5 days 1 pill a day at bedtime. I got my first period in over a while on Christmas Day it’s lasted the usual 7 days. Fast forward Friday January 24. I got my second period. My questions is can I get pregnant on Medroxyprogesterone ? my doctor said yes when prescribing me with Medroxyprogesterone, but I know women with PCOS struggle with ovulating on their own. Does that mean I’m ovulating just because I am on coming on my cycle ? Also I only took Medroxyprogesterone once and that was in December as mention. If anyone has taken Medroxyprogesterone please feel free to help.