Moving in together?

My boyfriend and me have been together 3 years. My lease is ending in a month and I will have to sign another 12 month lease if I wanna stay there.

My boyfriend is living with his parents to save money for a house, and said I can move in with him because the rent is more expensive on the next lease.

I would love to move in with him to save money to buy a house together, but I’m just thinking about the what if’s.

We have an amazing relationship, I couldn’t love him more if I tried. But, if I move out, I’ll have to sell or store my furniture somewhere, and then if things don’t work out with us, I have no where to go, except to try find another apartment as quickly as possible.

I’ve never lived with a partner before, and I’m not doubting our relationship, I’m just trying to consider all the possibilities.

Can anyone plz give me some insight on this? Or their similar situations?