My Mairred Boyfriend

My Boyfriend Is Frm Jamaica He Came Here To Start A Life But He Came Wit Nothing Nd I Mean Nothing He Worked For a Lor While But Didn’t Have No Place To Stay A Girl Comes Around Nd Take Him In They Got Married Two To Three Months Later Nd 3 Months After We Met At First We Were Just Frienns But We Both Wanted Each Other In The Beginning I Tried To Say No So Many Time I Knew It Was Wrong...I Told Him This He Just Would Just Say He Understands But Then Walk To Me Nd Just Kiss Me Like I Didn’t Say Anything...The Way He Touched Me Was Non-resisting I Just Got So Weak Everytime All I Could Do Was Let Me...It Carried On For Ah Year Nd Ah Half Not We Had Our Ups Nd Down Nd Around Back Nd Forth It’s Really Exhausting But I Fell Deeply Deeply Inlove Wot This Guy He Say Once He Get His Papers He Gonna Leave...Which I Have No Doubt In My Mind That He Would Do It....It’s Just All The Things Going On In Between The Waiting Something He Make Feel Like The Only Girl N The World Nd Sometime He Make Me Feel Like Im The Last Girl In The World Or Better Yet Last On His List Of Things To Maybe To....Wat Should I Do Can’t Bring Myself To Leave But Sometimes I Dnt Wanna Stay