Toxic mother??

I am so speechless about these text messages that my mom sent me. My little brother (who is 11) called and asked me if he could come to my baby shower, my mother was also on the phone. I never once said no to him, I was just informing him that it is an all girl event and that there are no boy gifts. And then my mom sends me these.

Like my baby shower is supposed to be a special event for me and my baby. Even if I did say no (not that I ever would) to my little brother I feel like I have the right to because it’s my baby shower.

Then she tells me that I don’t love and care about her and my siblings enough. Like what?? I’m so confused and hurt that she thinks that way of me. I do so much for all of them.

Am I in the wrong at all? I guess I’m just trying to get other people’s views on the situation.

How would you handle this situation?