Counting down the days ... 😳


All due respect to those TTC. I want another baby but not right now. I don’t believe in birth control.

Pink is period.

Yellow is intimate.

Green is fertility window.

This first pic is 2018. We had sex on Halloween just pull out method and also had sex Nov 9th. Nov 9th he came in me but I took plan b. I didn’t know weight mattered and also didn’t know it only works BEFORE ovulation (green) the period nov 21st-25th didn’t happen cause I got pregnant. 😅 I was due July 28th, had my baby August 3rd 2019. So if I use a conception date calculator for Nov 9th 2018, that’s right on the dot with August 3rd...

This second picture shows when we had sex.. SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF MY WINDOW. On the highest percentage chance of pregnancy according to the app. I didn’t notice cause I hadn’t checked we hadn’t had sex in over a month so I was so excited to have sex... 😂😂😂 I got on the apps after and saw that.

We used a condom and he pulled out, came in the condom, took it off squeezed out more wipes it off, and went back in raw for like 5 minutes but he didn’t cum again. So 13 days until my period... I’m not having sex until then. I’m PRAYING. 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴...