He has a whole family and 6 other children 🤯

So 9 months ago I met who I thought was the love of my life, right from the start we felt like best friends. I'm now 2 months pregnant and single😂

Everything was going amazing, we picked a place together, hung out every day, and spent lots of time with each others families. One night we were sitting in the car looking at the water from a bridge close to where we lived I noticed he seemed kind of distracted but was thinking maybe hes thinking about his mom since shes gotten sick recently. He dropped me off at home since the place we picked together wasn't yet ready. After that night I called and texted him a few times with no answer a week went by, it was so not like him I started to get nervous until a call came through on my phone from his number

I answer annoyed and to my surprise a womans voice comes through "what do you want with my husband"?

I'm.in.complete.shock. what in the entire F**K!? you have got to be kidding me so I start to talk "well to my knowledge up until now, your husband was my boyfriend" I hang up and laid there in disbelief. He calls an hour later saying "babe shes my ex shes a psychotic delusional mess, I called her over here to get her things from my closet and she grabbed my phone" i responded with "it definitely has to be more to that if she feels comfortable enough to do that, no bad blood just dont call me again".

I blocked his number and started to move on with my life, the app I blocked his number from notifies me when a blocked text comes through (dont know wtf it does that but w.e) he texted me every day trying to get my attention but I stayed strong lol

About a couple weeks after this incident I get a call from an unknown number (yep it's her again) "are you still f*****g my husband"!?

I'm ridiculously annoyed at this point so I told her "ma'am if I was still f*****g him you wouldn't see him much less wonder where he was because you'd know." Then I hung up and blocked her number.🙃

After the altercation I unblock and call and tell him "get a leash on your B***h I understand you're either a cheater or had a change of hear I'm cool with that, but what will not happen is I get disrespected by a c**t I've had the pleasure of never even setting eyes on". I have no idea what he was saying I hung up and sent his ass right back to the blocked list

Then I get a call from the manager from the place we looked at "hello Ms. Baptiste I just want to confirm the name change on the lease fro Giovana Baptiste to Nicole Binit ..... (clearly I'm in a shit storm) the dream home I picked with someone I loved, all i did was say yep that's right and hang up.

I started to get comfortable with his absence, then I missed my period

Ofcourse I put my big girl panties kn to call him and tell him hes going to be a father AND . DO . YOU. THINK . ANSWERS. THE. F*****G. PHOOONNNEEEE!?

Yep!!!! I said "look! I'm pregnant hes the father" this time she hung up

Then she texts me from his phone "I have 6 kids and yours is not 1 of them" .......did you fucking just say 6 kids!?

He texts me the next day "can I please come talk to you?"...fine whatever, he pulls in my driveway I came out since I didnt want him in my house. We had a long talk hes basically not taking responsibility for his actions as far as him being in 2 relationships at once, he acted like he was happy about our baby but I maybe hear from him once a week and I'm fine with that! Stay the hell away from me I dont need to be stressing while carrying my child ..I'd rather him be a no show daddy than to be a sometime daddy😕

SideNote: (only because there's a hole there, shes definitely called me worse so bitch and cunt is light. Lol just like she knew nothing about me I knew nothing of her and only 1 of the children are from her the other 5 are from 2 other women keep in mind I knew nothing about this either. And as for me "moving too fast" lol nobody is on the same time length or timeline. What works from me may not work for you and vice versa.)🧡

I'm loving these comments 🤣 oh how I wish it was fake, his family said nothing because they hate her for putting him in jail, and oddly enough his mother had no pictures up of the other kids or the "wife"so 🤷🏻‍♀️ ...(I know to keep my issues to myself next time 😂😂)