I recently started work as a nanny for a family with one child. I’m 18 and still doing school, but I’ve worked it out with my school to where I can bring my school to work with me, and turn it in at the end of the week. The mother said that was perfectly fine, and that I could take free time during naps to do school. The things we talked about me doing while here were cleaning the babies room, doing babies laundry, feeding, changing, and bathing the baby etc. However since starting she has started tacking on more and more chores such as do both parents, laundry sweep, and mops the floors, feed the dog, and clean all of her toys, and pee pads I’m currently doing so much I can’t find time for school. I work 6 days a week, and she’s started pressuring me to give up my day off. I guess I’m just wondering if doing those types of chores are normal, or if I should have a conversation about it with her. And, if so how do I go about that. I’ve only been working here for three weeks, and I thought we were pretty solid on what I’d be doing but apparently I was wrong lol Mom also works from home, so she is here doing two-three thirty minute calls a day and that’s all.