Contacting an old friend advice

My ex best friend and I were super close. But I started to realize our lives were growing apart. She liked to party and do crazy things, and I was more of a homebody. She would constantly try to rub her lifestyle in my face. And I expressed to her multiple times that it makes me really upset. She would still do it. I don’t think on purpose but she still would. I decided to drop her as a friend. She was so angry and upset with me... she felt heart broken that i did that. I had to. I was feeling so lost and depressed and going through something medical (very personal and i didn’t tell her), i couldn’t help it. I needed my space to get better. It’s been almost three years and i’m debating on whether to contact her or not. What do you guys think? I’m so prideful. I really don’t wanna but sometimes i feel like I should maybe just see how’s she’s doing???? I know she absolutely hates me and prob talks mad shit about me. But i haven’t done that to her. Ik what i did was wrong but from my point of view, it’s what I had to do at that time. What do you guys think???

I was thinking of just being nice and asking how she is. Nothing about the fight or friendship or anything.