HPT progression

Just a heads up in advance. I did post something similar in a group this morning but now I’m doubting myself. All tests started out faded but got darker over time.

Am I over thinking it that the test with the pink cap has a line that’s fading? Is that just evap or did I get a false positive earlier? I took the pink test around 8am today and took the photo around 3pm. Aunt Flo isn’t even due til tomorrow. I had a hunch so I bought two 88 cent Walmart tests but when I thought they were positive, I bought a more sensitive pack of 3

Note: Please be kind. I know I’m way overthinking this and that only time will tell. I’ve taken so many tests because I don’t want to be wrong and get my hopes up after my miscarriage. I really appreciate honest opinions on the pics either way 🙂

Test 1 after 3 mins

Test 1 after 40ish mins (it was getting gradually darker before the 10 minute mark, just forgot to take a photo)

Test 2 after 3 mins

Pink test after 3 mins

Bottom blue test after 3 mins