How long until he messages me?

I talked to my guy on Friday and he seemed engaged. When I got off the phone and called him again later he seemed less engaged. Granted he was playing a video game and that’s normal how he acts. Saturday I called him and he didn’t answer. It was 6 hours before I shot a text saying that I got a phone call we were waiting on. He replied within 30 minutes saying “Sup bb”. Well I didn’t answer cause my whole family is telling me to ignore him for a little bit. Well he then 2 hours after texting me liked a post I sent him the day before. I don’t know if it was to catch my attention or not. Today he posted on his snap that he was doing something. He did that yesterday too. Which is weird cause he’s never that active. Anyway my point is, how long till he starts calling and texting me? I’ve kinda been ignoring him cause that’s what my family says to do to make him chase me. I don’t know it just feels weird cause we’re in quarantine and I feel like he’d be on his phone a lot so why hasn’t he called me. Granted I always text him/call him but I’m tired of that. I want him to make the effort