Do y’all still think this is ringworm? Picture of leg right before panty line

No I did not put another bandaid on it I guess im just so allergic to the adhesive that it kinda burned my skin. It burned the shape of the bandaid onto my skin 😭Multiple people on here told me this is ringworm so I’ve been using an antifungal spray. I’ve also been spraying tea tree on it after showers.

This is what it looks like this morning

It just doesn’t look like ringworm to me? If it does look it to you, does it look like it’s healing? And I haven’t seen a doctor because I’m in quarantine. It doesn’t itch, it’s just there.

I can try to send it to a doctor but there’s no guarantee that he will respond to me.

For those of you saying it looks like zit or a cyst or whatever wouldn’t there be a lump or some kind of pain? It has nothing underneath it. It’s just on the skin