Info on period after D and E


Hi ladies

I posted about when ppl had their first period after a D and E. I’d like to update as I got mine in a weird way this time.

First D and E: I got mine exactly 4 weeks later. I had no breakthrough bleeding and it was simple and easy. D and E done at 16 weeks

Second D and E done at 15 weeks:

2 weeks after D and E I had blood randomly come it my me like a bleed. It was scary and lots and it filled my underwear front to back. It was old and brown but tons of it. This was NOT a period. Then at the 4 weeks I have brown discharge for 2 days then my actually period came.

Medical miscarriage at 9 weeks. I took pills to remove contents. I bleed 3 weeks every month for 4 months. Then I started getting a normal period.

I hope this helps some women as I know I’m dying for a period after a loss to know my body is almost back to normal.