My story

Monique • ☀️💙11/28/2018💙💜due 11/30/2020💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Ttc #2 with my husband. My little boy is just shy of 16 months took us 3 years and a miscarriage to conceive my son. And I was scared it would take us as long to conceive our second. This month month 3 of officially trying for #2. But we wanted to do it stress free. As anyone ttc can understand it's hard on your spirit and mind and body. I couldnt do that to myself again. So I tracked my ovulation but kept it down low and stress free so we just had a lot of sex 🤣 and well this month I figured we could try preeseed as it's easy and heard so many great reviews...well first month of using it and boom.

I guess I also upped my exercise some more yoga and self home cardio and weights too

So 10dpo I tested and was stark morning something was telling me to test again. 11dpo and got vfl on 3 different test (some being pink dye) and 1 being clear blue. Figured ok wow ..cried of course...and then said ok wait the 48 hours for hcg to double to get a darker here we are today 13dpo..period due Thursday and full bfp!!!!!

Keep hope ladies. I know how hard it is. But being mean to yourself will only keep you down.

For both times when I conceived we wernt religiously trying. I think because it's just to hard on your body.

Baby dust to all. I wish you all the best be kind to yourself