So I thought I was dying *story time*

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I’m off work due to this quarantine and my gym is closed so I take my happy little ass into the living room and put some workout exercises on the tv.

And the 3rd workout was a squat box.

Never heard of it but the girl said the harder you box the more calories you are losing so

I’m doing the squats and coming up and boxing as hard as I can then going back down. I didn’t think anything of it.

So I go to bed that night and wake up feeling like I’m about to have a heart attack. I’m 22 ok no this is not okay.

Friday night I also had a dream I’ve never had before of me dying with angels around me so you might understand I panicked.

No one believes me lol they are saying I’m okay it’s just gas pains which it could of been, or maybe I’m just stressed out which I was because my chest was hurting who wouldn’t panic lol

I literally wrote a letter to each family member ok and explaining how much I loved them 😂 I still have them I literally thought I was about to die. I had my warning sign this is it.

So fast forward to Sunday.

I wake up and the pain is still there I’ve tried all kinds of medicine thinking it’s gas it won’t go away and it’s shooting pain in my arm and neck. My throat is sore, I’m coughing and migraine.

My husband is in the medical field and sees patients so we automatically thought ok maybe it’s the mean coronavirus coming for me. I talk to 2 doctors who say nope I think you are okay but the chest pain is alarming and to go get checked.. uh that’s scary I don’t wanna walk into a ER/Urgent Care but had to since my doctor is closing and won’t accept patients atm.

So I call my urgent care and explain my situation and they panic

I walk in and they automatically make my husband wait in the car and they take me to a room without touching anything and I’m like shit this is it.. my last doctor appointment..

Doctor comes in talks to me and THANK god he took his mask off and smiled and said sounds like you have an injury not coronavirus. 🤪 yes sir you rightttt

So to find out when I was boxing I PULLED MY CHEST MUSCLES damn me boxed to hard. Told my husband he was lucky he wasn’t there I was beating the airs ass

So I pulled my chest muscle and have an upper respiratory infection with some sinus issues from all these allergies which made me feel like I was dying. Lol. I told him I can handle the sore throat and headache but please just make sure I’m not dying 😂

EKG was fine. But recovery time is 2-8 weeks of constant chest pain like I’m dying BUT IM NOT. So I’m okay.

Story overrr.