Jasmine • JASL

I have this friend we’ll call her L

So L and I meet when I was seeing my Ex. I thought she was staring at me so I called her out on it. It turns out she wasn’t. So I dm her on insta saying I’m sry and let’s not talk for a while to sort things out. So after we have our break we talk things over. I had told my best friend J that I didn’t like her and I would only be friends with her so I could hurt her by dating her bf. (Don’t come after me) So me and her become friends...things were weird at first then we both grew to like each other and she starts calling me her best friend and i go along with it. So this year she starts being really mean and all hormonal with me and I’m tired of it. So during this pandemic my bf and I prank her and she got scared so she took revenge on me and pranked me and I got pissed and dropped her and my ex as friends. So today I got texted by my bf and L texted me telling me how sry she is and everything and how I was going to be involved and blah blah blah so now idk what to do. Should I keep being friends with her or Keep her dropped?