Changing DRs at 21 weeks. RANT!

My (former) DR office wanted my entire deductible by Dec 20th...all $2200. It is a large practice with like 10 doctors. When we sat down with the "financial counselor" at the 13 week visit, she was really shady. She said we might qualify for a lower deductible under the affordable healthcare act. She called United Healthcare and told the lady on the phone that she HAD ALREADY spoke to somebody at United Healthcare and wanted to confirm that we only had to pay A $1700 deductible. The lady KNEW we had to pay less but tried to get us to agree to pay more. I was tired and ready to see the Doctor so I was like okay..whatever. I actually was hoping to be able to sign up for a different insurance plan with a lower deductible since it is open enrollment and waiting to hear about my options. I met with a "benefits counselor" yesterday and our plan has the lowest deductible BUT my employer pays $500 of the deductible. This is why I only have to pay $1700 (I didnt realize this previously, whoops). The benefits counselor said she has NEVER heard of a doctors office requiring the money up front like this. She brought up some good points like..what if you switch doctors? Or what if something happens to the baby this year (god forbid)? Or what if you are hospitalized for something not pregnancy related before you give birth?

Well today I went to the doctor. I had to leave work early and rush to get there, thinking I'd be having my anatomy scan at 3:00 as scheduled. Surprise! They had me meet with the financial lady. My husband was very mad at this and told them we would not be prepaying the deductible for them to hold in an account for us. He told them we would pay it when we received the bill and we walked out of the financial lady office.

They still let us do the ultrasound and dr appointment. At the end of the appointment the doctor said just to let you know all the employees here need to be treated with respect blah blah. My husband was so mad. I told the doctor that the financial counselor presented this payment plan in a very shady way. She said if you have a problem with her then you have a problem with me. My husband and I stormed out of the office.

I know it was totally my fault for letting it go so long with this doctor's office. I probably should have switched earlier after I felt "swindled" at the 13 week appointment. But now I've got a dilemma of finding another dr that'll take a high risk pregnancy patient at 21 weeks. All I have to say is thank God I didn't make any payments on the $2200!! Who knows if I would've got any of that money back?!

It isn't like I'm some poor person who won't pay my bills. After I have the baby I can pay my bill from MY OWN savings account. I don't need the doctors office to save my money for me!

OK end rant!!