37 weeks today. Sorda depressed

So I turned 37 weeks pregnant today...but my parents got in a huge fight because my mom went out with her friends and ended up not being where she told my dad shed be..he went to where she was and saw she was talking to some guy (just talking) dad calls me to come get moms car and take it home while he drives her home (she was drunk) so my boyfriend and I go pick up the car and I take it home..parents beat me home and my dad is super pissed at my mom...he ends up shoving her and leaving to go stay at their camper they have on some land about an hour away...I cry of course because I hate to see them fighting and it sucks that they're doing it so close to my due date 😞 I wish they would work things out and they could love each other again..well my dad loves my mom..but she claims she doesn't love him anymore and is unhappy..she thinks I'll hate her if she leaves him..but I won't..it'll just suck being torn between the two of them..I love them so much and don't want to see them separate..I hope my baby never has to go through this 😞😞😞😞