My boyfriend works ALL the time! 😫😫

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 months now and before we got together he would text me all through the day whether he was working or not. Since we made it official that stopped and it's fine most of the time as he can talk to me during his breaks but sometimes he works night shifts (so he sleeps all day) and I might only be able to text him for like 30 minutes a day, or he's at job sites where he can't have his phone and so I won't talk to him until 5 or 6 at night and he goes to bed at around 10. Unlike everyone else our age, including myself, instead of being on holidays right now and having weekends off and breaks during school he still has to work all the time. Mostly I get to see him a few times a week but sometimes I can go almost a month without seeing him because he's away working. It even meant he couldn't come away with me and my family this weekend because he had to work. I really do love him andΒ I knew he had a job when I met him and I know he tries his best to talk to me as much as he can but its really starting to affect me. Sometimes when I really need to talk to him I can't and it sucks. Does anyone else have this problem?