Is it okay to be the one who loves more?

In my relationship with my boyfriend we've always come to terms with the fact that I love him more than he loves me...he's always been an emotionally distant person and I've always been very emotional, and it really bothers makes me feel insecure, needy, like I'm not worth his love. He of course, can't control this and doesn't wanna make me feel this way he just doesn't know how to stop it..he said he hates that he doesn't love me as much as I love him and it kills him that It hurts me, and that he's well aware of how much I love him all the time. 
This leads me to my question: is it okay to be the one who loves more?  Is there something wrong with me, am I not worth loving? How do I cope with the feelings of insecurity and worthlessness that this situation is giving me...somebody help!