Am I going over the top

So your boyfriend ( baby father ) goes to work every day which is good but then he goes straight to his moms for food, not knowing if we have anything for our food, he don’t pay a penny towards anything, he leaves for days and then I beg him to come back and then he just comes back when he wants to, he don’t give a crap about me he don’t do anything, I’m in love with him and can’t be without him what do I do to get over him please someone, how do I become strong to not take his shit, the man speaks to me like rubbish he says all white people are white trash and Jamaicans rule the world basically, he’s so racist

What do I do how do I stop chasing him

He’s a lot older than me hes got kids with different women

How do I get over this piece of shit

He’s cheated on me in the past and he’s caused major trusts issues

He just laughs all the time, how do things go so good for a horrible selfish person

Will he get his karma??