How to deal with society and dad. Pregnancy how to tell family.

I'm pregnant first time I'm 16. Boyfriend broke up with me. I'm six months pregnant. I told my mom and dad they think abortion would of been smarter. But now its too dangerous. I'm in hiding my mom doesn't know what to tell her friends family and church congregation. My dad I don't know how he will take it. How do we tell my Relatives, my brother, my aunt's and uncles and cousins, hey where did that baby come from? How do I explain to people when they ask about the dad. How do I hold my head above water. I'm so ashamed so how do I get my parents used to seeing me with a belly(being pregnant) but how do I let them see me grow. I was told that now they have two kids they have to take care of. I'm scared, I see two couples happy and that's what I wanted. I'm lonely and embarrassed about it all. I'm thinking about how hard it is to be a single mom, the income and society and also seeing happy couples every where. What do I do need friendship and advice believe me I wanted a abortion so many times, believe me I gave my virginity to the wrong guy believe me when I say I want a better future.