In Need of support. 17wk pregnant and my baby has severe bladder outlet obstruction and kidney dysplasia

I am 17weeks pregnant with my son.. I recently found out that he has been diagnosed with PUV,bladder outlet obstruction and kidney dysplasia. They said that on the ultrasound his kidneys are no longer working. That he can not urinate to his bladder has completely filled his abdomen and it's causing fluid to build around his heart. His heartbeat is strong 150bpm and I can feel him fluttering around and kicking.. I refused to terminate my pregnancy and I'm going for a second opinion Monday. I am going to see if they could drain his urine which his highly risky. I would need to go back every 2 day for the nxt week to repeat the process. The Dr said if he makes it to 20weeks them they would be able to test his urine to see exactly how his kidneys are doing. If anyone has gone through this I would love the support. Thankyou for taking the time to read this