Feeling so anxious!!! Help

This post might be a little too long but HELPPP!!!!

So my period is irregular.. some cycles are 28 days and average 36 days .. I had a miscarriage when I was about 18 years old and now im 23 and married TTC for a baby this is our first month actually trying... not sure when I really ovulate I just follow this app called FLO( anyone know how accurate it is??) or look at my CM.. according to the app i ovulated April 28..

had intercourse april 26,29 and may 2;)

On may 4th i felt this sharp cramp in my left lower side.. and had mild cramping since that day.. that come and go and dont hurt like PMS cramps..

Anyways., I got my last period on April 9, and today is 36 days and havent got my period yet.. for the past 2 months ive got it right on the spot at 36 days.. I took two digital pregnancy tests about two days ago.. one said error the other one which I did about 1am that day was negative..

i normally dont have cramps a week or 2 before my period is due..

ive felt a little nauseous like i dont wanna eat but no sore boobs or anything else besides cramping... normally I have really sore boobs 1-2 weeks before I get my period..

Could I be pregnant? how long does it take to get a positive result?

Really just wish to get my BFP😭😭

Also spreading baby dust on y’all TTC❤️