Luteal phase

My luteal phase is never the same :(

Cycle 1since ttc - 12 days

2 - 14 days

3 - 18 days

4 - 12 days

5 - 14 days

6 - 15 days so far (big bbt drop today so maybe AF tomorrow?)

Should I be worried do you think?

Just to add: I've never had any kind of positive pregnancy test at all and usually test 12/13dpo.

I do my BBT so these are accurate (or as accurate as any DIY tracking can be).

I can't post my charts 😔 I have a Google pixel phone and Glow (and other apps) won't connect to my screenshot library. If anyone knows how to fix that I'd be grateful but that's probably for a different forum!

I just wanted to know if anyone knows why this LP difference might happen and if I should be worried about my hormones being wonky.