Do I ask questions for closure or just hurry with the divorce?

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I've been married since 2016 but I had no choice but to leave my husband while 4 months pregnant because he was emotionally abusive with how he would treat me and after many chances I left him.

In that time frame, since the birth of our child he has told me on many occasions that he won't fight for this family to work out and will instead fight more for the second family he will have.

He is now dating a girl who has two daughters of her own, although they don't live together they go on alot of dates and family day trips out and seeing it hurts me every time.

Not just that but he is also using me for his sexual satisfaction behind her back and knew how to play me basically. He has never seen our son in person he always makes up some sort of excuse, we do live in different countries but since dating his new girl he never even answers calls to see him nor does he even reply to messages so I've stopped messaging and stopped all the effort altogether.

As I'm writing this I'm realising the backlash that I might get when I'm the mother of his child and technically still his wife but he never apologised for his actions. I've never ever had any closure.

I really want to just say to him basically that we need this divorce to go ahead because right now I've gone from being the main girl in his life to feeling like his side chick and he can fully fully move on and be free of me 100% once the divorce has gone through then he can feel free to marry his new girl.

I want to know though, did he fall out of love with me completely before moving on? I doubt he even loved me to begin with but why WHY does she get the life that I wanted????? Why is she worth the fight and worth the respect but I wasn't? I find it so hard to not say something to him about not being important to him so we should just hurry with the divorce.

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What do I even do?

I hate my situation it stinks. Its heartbreaking that he's slept with someone else, that he is being a family with someone else and I've not even slept with anyone since him. I've not been on a date or had anyone decent be interested in me and our child is almost 4 now so why does he get a happy ending but I'm still a single parent who's always going to be alone......???