Who did you announce to first?

Kendra • "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

So, I'm pregnant! Yay! I haven't told my husband yet as his birthday is on Saturday and I want to surprise him then. I have my doctor's appointment to test my betas and progesterone today. We always wanted to tell after we've had our first successful ultrasound but, the issue is, I'm having trouble working out who to tell first when that time comes. Our friends are immensely supportive of our fertility journey. They were with us through alot of it and they offered alot of love and support. Our families just kind of kept asking for a baby and once we kept miscarrying, they just wrote us off. My grandmother is super supportive though and offers me her love and support alot. She's more of a mother to me than a grandmother. Our friends would probably be the most involved with the pregnancy and the baby once it's born as well. But, I feel like it might be disrespectful to our respective families to tell our friends first. To clarify, we only have 3 really close (best) friends. We'd also get a bigger, more excited reaction from our friends. Our families just kind of remain neutral. But, traditionally, we are supposed to tell our family first. What did/would you all do? I'm really torn here. Does anyone have any advice? Could you maybe share your announcement stories and what you did for an announcement? How did everyone react? Any advice/help would be much appreciated. TIA! Have a blessed day everyone! Please send me lots of prayers for a successful pregnancy! I'm praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for you all!😊🌈🌻💕

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