Just need to vent


Went for my anatomy scan today everything was going fine till I noticed that the ultrasound machine stated I was 19 weeks when I was really 21 weeks then I noticed that my birthday was incorrect so I brought up to the ultrasound tech which she said that would explain why my baby was measuring so big. So I just chalked it up to just normal human behavior but it gets worst. The doctor comes in and tells me she sees a choroid plexus cyst on the baby brain and base of my genetic screen results we could discuss what would happen. I told her I didn’t do the screening which she told me yes you did because I have the results here come to find out a tech who was pissed off and quit uploaded someone’s test results into my file he even listed me as rh negative the doctor kept telling me that I needed to get a shot because I was rh negative and how was it that no one ever told me I was. Finally we figured out that those weren’t my results but when I finally got to my car I broke down crying because I was so afraid and just didn’t know what to do. Can you imagine the women who possibly has my results sorry for the long story I just needed to get it off my chest