How do i stop hating my hair?

I was thinning out my hair, as i have VERY thick hair, and alot of it. I had my thinning sheers and origional ones right beside eachother and i actually cut a really decent chunk of my hair out by grabbing the wrong scissors, i have had pregnancy brain so bad, i got one of my friends whos a hairdresser to fix it and she had to cut a good 2 inches off my hair to make it look normal and blend it in.. i lost alot of hair growth and ive been feeling really depressed since this has happened.. i really hate my hair, i already did before and i do even more now.. ive been hating my hair since it broke off last july it was only maybe a inch long. I dont know how to learn how to love my hair im embarrassed because of it, short hair doesnt really suit me and i am 8 months pregnant and really big. Its making me feel not okay about myself and i really dont know what to do. Please help me :(