University can't stop it :(

Mollie • New to glow, so hi :) Planning for a baby in next few years with my wonderful partner.
This is going to sound horrendous, so please don't judge me:
​After looking at the uni I want to attend, and their FANTASIC nursery facilities, it has made me genuinely consider trying for a baby sooner rather than later. 
​I hoped uni would 'change my mind' about the strong desire for a child, but nothing seems to stop it - if anything this has made it stronger. 
​My OH and I are incredibly close and will be living together next year full time whilst attending uni. His course consists of 6 months off study, and whilst both studying very rarely would our lectures be at the same time - when our LO would be at the fantastic nursery. Then more holidays to spend as a family than whilst in full time work! 
​It sounds horrid I know, but I can't bare the thought of waiting another 5 years to start TTC, especially with medical condition potentially effecting my fertility :( 
​Please don't judge me - if I could take this intense longing away, by any means then I would.