How do I help momma cat recover?

So I am fostering momma cat that just lost all her babies to pneumonia. waiting for her to stop lactating so the vet will fix her before I give her to her permanent human mom.

I don’t care what people think, animals are capable of mourning. She is so depressed and is a completely different cat. I actually found her some foster babies but she started coughing again and I couldn’t risk her giving MORE babies what had just killed her entire litter.

So she was put on antibiotics again and now she’s almost completely dried up.

I’m asking what I can do to help her not be so depressed. It’s really sad.

She’s been to the vet, everything is okay physically but she’s depressed. All she does is sleep or just lay there.

I had the babies in their own little area in my house and she sleeps in that spot even though there’s no babies there anymore. There were a few days where the babies stayed at the vet and I always brought them back to her so it’s like she thinks they’re coming back. I feel for her

She definitely gets all of the love and snacks. I’m trying to keep her away from my other cats because they want to play with her and she’s not in the mood at all so she snaps at them, so she sleeps in my bed at night next to my head while everyone else has their spots in the house.