Divorce because of SEX?!

I am so angry at my husband. I've always done my absolute best to please him, even though it was always a one-way-street and now he is ready to get a divorce.

To be completely honest with you, I knew our sex life was never going to work for me. We just never had chemistry. Over time I made peace with it. From the very beginning I craved something he could never give me, so overtime I stopped craving it. I realised that sex for me is not a priority. My then boyfriend, now husband was my priority. I could live without being completely sexually satisfied as long as we had a healthy and fullfilling relationship and I wasn't feeling selfish and gave my best to him.

It's been 4 years now. I did my best to give him abosolutely everything sexual he could ever dream of. I focused only and purely on his sexual satisfication. We had sex the way he said he liked, gave him many blowjobs (multiple times a day for two and a half years straight type of many). I really focused on his pleasure. I wanted to make him feel special and unique. I doubt anyone in the world is getting as much as I gave him! I at the very least feel like it's extremely rare.

Now, I'm fed up. I can't give him as much as I once did and I'm angry at him for never trying to make it work for me. We've talked countless times, never got anywhere. He never put in any effort to please me. So, naturally I started decreasing the amount of giving which was still A LOT. He made me feel used because to him everything I did was normal and expected and he never really felt special and appreciated me.

He wants a divorce! He wants a divorce because he is sexually unsatisfied. I don't even know what to do/say. As I've given up so much for him, and given him so much, completely ignoring my own needs to please him. He feels like I am being selfish with him. I am so hurt at the moment.

He wants a divorce unless we fix our sex life. Fixing our sex life for him means me doing more for him. He feels neglected! I don't think I can give him what he needs anymore, since a blowjob every other day is a lot more than he deserves.

I am obviously to blame here. I never found a way to make him appreciate me. I feel angry at him because no matter how many times I've tried explaining that he is the one being selfish, he can't understand. If anything I am the one who lost at sex and did all the sacrificing and made peace with it.

I can't give him what he wants because he truly doesn't deserve it.

Please make me feel better. I feel broken.