I’m pretty excited. I’m going canoeing today, I’ve never been and my friend hasn’t either. I’m a bit nervous because anything can happen.

I’m even more nervous because a local 19 year old boy drowned in our towns lake on Monday. We aren’t canoeing at that lake, I think they closed it off for right now because of the drowning.

I feel sorry for him and his family. He was very young. They said he was a good swimmer but I think he got a swimmer cramp or something. His friend was with him. His friend looked back as they were swimming across the lake heading toward the big rock that everybody jumps off of and when he looked back he was gone. He couldn’t find him. The water was 40 ft deep, it took the recovery team 2 days to find his body, they just found his remains yesterday at 8 pm.

I always thought it was dangerous to swim toward the rock but I’m not that good of swimmer so I always stayed close to shore in that lake. It’s a pretty far out swim, probably takes you around 9-10 minutes to swim there.