Just because


I can’t post this anywhere else.

And I wanna tell people how proud I am of us as unit. Me, daddy, our baby boy & big brother.

Emergency c section delivery at 38 weeks & my fiancé did everything he could as soon as I came out of surgery to make sure i had all the tools, resources and help to make this happen. I wanted to breastfeed and that was the only thing I was ever so sure about during my entire pregnancy.

It was so incredibly hard while healing from surgery but I never had a moment where I felt like I couldn’t do this. From sitting with me on the couch every time and helping us readjust to helping in the middle of the night get him out of the bassinet and take him back to bed my fiancé is a dream come true. Now I can sit here and say we’re five months along this journey and it has gone SO fast. I’ll miss it when it’s over. I’ll miss answering the curious three year old questions “is my baby brother drinking milk?” “From your thing?” (Nipple lol)

My overall goal is to make it for a full year.

I’m just proud of us.

Thanks for reading.