Biulding up, Abs.


I see some posts asking about gaining weight and having abs. Just wanted to leave my experience here towards that. I don't do any exercise for abs for at least 3 years now and focus on strength exercises.

So I basically force my abs as I squat, deadlift and etc. I did diet to increase weight 5 years ago, and it was WORK, I divided my meals in 6 portion, I used also gainer mass shakes for 2 first months and now lately I just eat when I am hungry.

I was 116 with 19% bodyfat and went up to 125 in about 6 months and down to 15% body fat... than another year I went all the way to 140 eating a lot and training heavy but I was not as defined, shredded as now. So I worked to lean up, first thing I did I quit Birth control, and 10 lbs was gone super fast. I was than arpund 130 ish for another year. For this past year I stopped to track my macros and I eat when I am hungry. I have "bad food" when I want but it is maybe once a week or so. And I also started to fasting this quarentine since I am not working, it took 3lbs and it never came back loo I usually eat my first meal at 10-11am and my last before 8pm. Not a rule but I try to. I feel good! Sleeping better too!

I avoid white sugar in general and try high protein food but probably counsuming about 1700 cal, I am not sure some days I eat 3x somedays 5...

I am 34 y.o currently 126lbs and 5'3.

In the past have done cardio everyday... strict diets like bodybuilders... and some how my body is in the best shape now.

And I am in my strongest too.

I do eat meat, wheat base *cereal/bread but nothing crazy. So I dont believe in the whole bad gluten idea, unless you have a disease against that.

You need to work hard to gain lean mass as someone needs to lose weight.

If you have questions I can help!!