Venting and need help!


I'm going to go stir crazy if someone else I knows falls pregnant. A lot of people I know either have children or are expecting (or both)...

Yesterday I was with my sister most of the day and she got a perfectly normal phone call, and without hearing much of the conversation I just knew that the person (let's call her 'Jane' for now) on the other end was pregnant. I know 'Jane' has been trying for a while so I asked my sister if that's what it was, she said yes but Jane doesn't want people knowing at the moment. I know 5(?) other people that are pregnant and as I said at the beginning, a lot of people already with children. It seems I'm the only one in our social group that isn't supposed to have a family and it's breaking my heart.

I know I haven't been trying for very long but AF is 5 days late and I'm still getting BFN. My OH is so convinced that I am, because I've got sore boobs, he thinks they look bigger and my nipples look darker and I've had none of the usual symptoms of AF. Another thing that doesn't help is my Dad knows we're TTC and I think he's hoping that I am (he doesn't know I might be yet, but he's treating me as though I definitely am...)

Sorry for the long post, just needed to get all this out and really need some help. Thanks in advance.