Gender disappointment

I feel awful for writing this but I wondered if any of you mummy’s to be feel the same?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and find out the gender in 2 weeks

From day one I’ve always had the feeling I’m having a girl

And all the old wives tales say the same (wedding ring spinning around, baking soda and urine not fizzing, craving sweet things, skin pigmentation, a high bump etc etc you get what I mean)

Even ramzi theory said it was a girl and apparently that is 97% accurate!

I’ve been so convinced I’m having a girl that me and my husband even bought a few girly things (stupid I know) and we refer to her as our chosen girl name

But now I’ve had my “well-being scan” everyone is saying it has a boy nub and a boy shape head, and it’s 1000% a boy

And it’s only just hit me that I could be wrong

I know it’s 50/50 chances

It’s taken so long to make our miracle baby and I know I’m going to love him or her more than anything, but I feel like I’ve had something taken away from me

And I just don’t know how I’m going to react if it’s a boy

It’s stupid I know, and I feel so ashamed of my self, but my anxiety is through the roof with it