Confused!!! (cross-posted)

Nakiska • Nakiska Buchanan

My cycle had been very wonky for the past couple of months... Last month it was 9 days early and only lasted about 3 days which I normally bleed for 5 days.. I was suppose to start on the 22nd so I didn't log it and waited til the 22nd to see if it will start again but I hadn't. So I assume my cycle is just changing up. I count 26-28 days from the early bleed and AF was due between the 8-13th. Yesterday I started cramping really bad so when I go to potty I wipe and low and behold I see bright red blood so I'm assuming it's AF, I put on a pad and go about my day. A few hours later I go back to the restroom and there's nothing on pad I wipe again and it's brown. Okay not really giving it much thought but the next time I go back there nothing. I've keep feeling very wet down there and keep checking but still nothing... Has anyone experienced this?