Venting: Let go because I’m pregnant 😔 trying not to stress.


So I have been working at a middle/high charter school as a paraprofessional since 2017. I have been an above and beyond employee, for mediocre pay without complaining.

The new principal in place let me go saying that there wasn’t a position for me because of their budget. Which is BS, I knew that it was because I’m giving birth in October right when school starts.

I know that he hired not one but 2 other paraprofessionals.

It’s hitting me that now I have to file for unemployment and Medicaid because I won’t have health insurance for my last 2 months. Hopefully I get approved, because who knows.

I’m trying not to stress but sometimes it gets me down because no one is going to hire a pregnant woman who is about to give birth and need maternity leave.