Kidney transplant and Hepatitis C

My husband had a kidney transplant in 1998

Back in February of this year he saw his kidney transplant Doctor Who he sees every year they ran bloodwork and found he has hepatitis C

I asked him how come this wasn’t discovered earlier?

He’s claiming they said he’s had it since his kidney dialysis in 1995-1997 he was in dialysis he had his transplant in 1998 and they just discovered it this year through bloodwork

He never displayed and all these years since dialysis up to now displayed any symptoms of hepatitis C

I asked him how come they didn’t pick this up before shouldn’t that have been routine shouldn’t they have ran this test before???

He said I don’t know I don’t know why they ran the test I’m not sure idk I just know they said it came from dialysis

He was treated for it he doesn’t have it any more

Idk I feel the story is a little off anyone else agree?

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