Mira Fertility Tracker (Egg Shaped Thingy)


I’ve tried it all trying to get pregnant again. After this month we’re considering other options. I recently got the Mira and I’m shocked at the precision it shows as my LH levels. I’m even more shocked that I’ve been way off with tracking. I was tired of guessing at lines and how expensive it is to keep testing. Although the tracker and wands are pricy, I’ve actually spend more on everything else trying to figure it out.

I am older at 37 doing this again but I’m active duty military and constantly deployed. Thankfully my DH has been a rock but we blinked and realized we can’t go back in time.

I can’t say yet if Mira has worked or not but hopefully in a week and a half or two I might have better insight. I just know that I’ve gotta definitive answers and that alone has relieved a lot of stress. Hopefully, this helps someone trying to get answers but if not I feel better sharing at least.

I’ve added some pics and tonight’s results.

Gotta go BD!!