OPKs & Crazy Quarantine brain (so frustrated I’m going to cry)


Quarantining at home all day every day while my husband still goes to work means I go down rabbit holes about TTC while I’m alone. I know I’m probably overreacting but don’t have friends to talk to about this other than my husband. It’s only my 2nd cycle TTC (again, I know I’m being totally over dramatic but just could use some words of wisdom).

I’m on CD 13 now and still getting negatives. I never got positives on OPKs last month. Looking back at my tests, I’m worried I ovulated CD 4 or 5 and totally missed it (pics attached). AF only lasted 2 days. My temp was maybe a little higher around then but I’m new to BBT so I’m confused about that too. I didn’t have EWCM at all until today and my cervix position was high/soft/open until today either. So just feeling confused and obsessing from ladies who have more experience than I do. Please help 😰