Baby boy is here!


I decided to share my birthing story just in case it helps someone else. At 33 weeks pregnant I went into pre term labor and was admitted for a few days. Thankfully they were able to stop labor and I got to go home but had consistent contractions for the next 7 weeks l. My body wasn’t quite sure what was happening and I didn’t have and progression. At 40w and 3 days at 930 I had my last dr appointment where she stripped my membranes in an effort to get him out without having to be induced.

Contractions started at noon and I labored at home until 7pm when I felt contractions 4-5 min apart (3rd baby). As soon as I got into the triage bed my water broke. I was admitted by 9 and got my epidural at 11 pm. Dr realized I had Polyhydramnios, about 3-4 pounds of amniotic fluid.

After draining all the fluid,

Baby boy was born at 0432 am after just 20 min of pushing. Baby Logan was 9lbs 9oz 22 inch’s long. Perfectly healthy baby boy.

I can honestly say I’m overjoyed to have my baby boy here and not be pregnant anymore. Good luck to all the other mommies waiting to give birth and it feels like it will never happen.