The rapist

I was in a relationship and when we broke up, he decided to force himself upon me while I was asleep. I have a child with this man. However, the law states that I have to parent with him. He’s trying to get rights over my son, and I’m fighting it hard. The judge has said, “you’re not his dad.” Then threw in, “go get a DNA test.” I’m physically sick when I see him. I tried looking past it because the law is going to give me the shaft anyways. But I just can’t.


It’s in the court documents, but due to a California law of if you are married, your husband is the legal father of the child. I haven’t known my husbands location for 8 years now and I can’t divorce someone I can’t find. So he’s the dad. And that’s the only thing protecting my son.

*edit again*

I can’t comment without revealing who I am. So I’m putting it here. I confronted him today. To his face. And he ignored it and stated my name then...

I’ve tried because I’ve figured I’m shafted because of the law. I tried coparenting. I can’t do it. When I have let him have him, my son comes back filthy, I brushed teeth with super stinky breath, and smacks the crap out of me. But I’m afraid if I don’t try it could be used against me in a court of law.