HELP with baby boy names!!!

Danielle • Levi Daniel 💕 10•3•2020

Hello awesome Glow community! This is our first baby, due in October and I know we have time but we really want to have two names narrowed down by the time of delivery. If we pick one before that’s fine, but my husband and I both feel like we need to see him before we name him! We’re having trouble coming up with names and finding ones we like and feel we could see our son as. Obviously, it’s a boy lol and we could really use some help from all of your creative minds!! We had a long list of likes that we narrowed down to loves. Here’s the love list:- Toby

- Benjamin

- Ross

- Heath

- Hudson

Last name is Neff, please give us some good ideas!! Thanks so much, we’re thinking of joseph as the middle name !!